Diagnostic Services

Prevention and precise early detection are essential for aiding appropriate treatment. Our diagnostic services facilitate timely, cost-effective, and high-quality diagnostic care in safe and secure environments.

Suburban Diagnostics provides high-end quality services without any compromises. This objective is achieved by:

  • 1 World-class
  • 2 High-quality
  • 3 The latest technology combined with cutting edge tests
  • 4 Courteous and responsible staff members
  • 5 Strict internal and external quality control programs
  • 6 Highly qualified and

Clinical Chemistry, Immunoassays & ELISA

Clinical chemistry (also known as chemical pathology, clinical biochemistry or medical biochemistry) is concerned with analyzing bodily fluids for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes. The most common specimens tested in clinical chemistry are blood and urine. Many different tests exist in clinical chemistry to evaluate various chemical components including, but not limited to: glucose, electrolytes, enzymes, hormones, lipids (fats), proteins and other metabolic substances.

Digital X-Ray

At Suburban Diagnostics, we offer digital X-ray facilities that are environment friendly and accredited by the Atomic Energy Regulatory Board (AERB). Digital X-rays are safer as compared to traditional X-rays as they reduce the amount of radiation that the patient is exposed to and also makes it simpler and easier to transfer, share and enhance images. They can be used for all routine X-rays as well as in specialized imaging studies like IVP (Intravenous Pyelogram).

ECG (Electrocardiogram)

At Suburban Diagnostics, ECGs are conducted by trained technicians. These are then reviewed by a specialist physician/cardiologist to check for any signs of a potential problem.

An electrocardiogram is a painless, non-invasive way to diagnose many many of the common heart problems:

  • Irregularities in heart rhythm (Arrhythmia)
  • Heart defects
  • Problems with the heart’s valves
  • Blocked or narrowed arteries in the heart (Coronary Artery disease)
  • A heart attack emergency
  • A previous heart attack

We, at Suburban Diagnostics, strive towards being your trusted partner for all your health diagnostics needs. Click here to book a test with us.