Health Check-ups

Almost 60-70% of diseases are preventable and treatable with timely assessment & intervention. In light of this, Suburban Diagnostics offers an array of comprehensive preventive health check-up packages, which provide a thorough evaluation of all the vital organs and systems present in the body. In addition, it can be customized to your needs by way of add-ons.

Our range of ProSelf Health Check-Up Packages have been carefully designed basis our analysis & study of patient data available with us that prove that an individual's diagnostic investigation needs differ depending on their age and gender.

We also provide custom health check-up plans by way of our unique SUB-CHECK platform. SUB-CHECK is a revolutionary tool that understands the signs and signals of your body to design a unique health check-up plan for you - unique to your needs. This health check-up plan will contain only tests that you need with no extraneous tests. The platform creates the package by analyzing your answers to a comprehensive questionnaire that helps us understand your lifestyle, demographics and family health history.

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