Corporate Wellness Program

Make your office and workplace brimming with energy and motivation with Suburban Diagnostics. Afterall a healthy workforce is the key to any organization’s growth. Suburban Diagnostics helps you unlock the full potential of your employees through our comprehensive Pre-Employment Check-Ups, Annual Health Check-Ups and other value-added services.

Pre-employment Check-ups

Pre-employment medical check-ups are, de facto, one of the most significant components of any organization’s hiring process and have become customary these days. These pre-joining medical tests inform the company about the newly hired candidate’s present health status for their continued well-being at work.

Corporate Wellness - Pre-employment check-ups

Annual Health Check-ups

Annual Health Check-Ups ensure the employee’s continued well-being. They can also help curb absenteeism and improve productivity. Do leave us an enquiry below and let us help you create a healthy and happy working environment.

Corporate Wellness - Annual Health Check-ups

Our Value-Added Services:

Corporate Wellness - Covid-19 testing

Corporate COVID-19 testing:

The outbreak of COVID-19 called for most of our employees to work from home. Now that work-life is gradually resuming; it is essential to ensure a safe back-to-work strategy for all employees. Make your premises safe with our COVID-19 RT-PCR, on-site Antigen and Antibody detection tests. Suburban offers two types of Antibody tests: 1. Antibody Check (SARS-CoV-2-CLIA) and 2. Post Vax Antibody Check that help determine an employee’s Antibody count post an infection or a vaccination.

Avail our corporate COVID-19 testing facilities with:

  • COVID-19 collection centres spread across Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Thane, Pune, Goa and Madhya Pradesh
  • Home-visit facilities
  • Safe collection and transportation services
  • Expertly trained staff available with world-class equipment
  • All your employees can be tested under one roof; in one go
Corporate Wellness - On-site health check-ups

On-site Health Check-Ups

We set up customized on-site health check-up camps for our corporate clients. Conducted on-site by our experienced and qualified health practitioners, we ensure quick, comfortable and easy health check-ups for your employees.

Corporate Wellness - Doctor Consultation

Doctor consultation

The presence of a doctor on the premises will help your employees raise health concerns on time and weekly monitoring of high-risk employees. We don’t believe in ‘one-size-fits-all’. We provide each individual employee with their own risk assessment, and provide them preventive health check-ups accordingly and suggest treatments, if required.

Corporate Wellness - Wellness Program

Wellness Program

A systematic engagement plan for high & medium risk employees is structured around a coordinated set of wellness activities designed to keep them healthy, productive, and motivated. Sessions may include ergonomics, lifestyle disorder diseases, cancer awareness, first-aid training, along with preventive health check-ups and more.

According to a study, employees that enrolled in fitness programs on site, expressed significantly higher job satisfaction. Needless to say they expressed being healthier and as a result, reportedly took less sick leaves. Such activities for employees are appreciated as they help them lower their personal health costs and stress from work.

Corporate Wellness - Fitness Activities

Fitness Activities

A company-wide poll on the fitness activities for employees helps us plan sessions your employees are interested in, based on the schedule and company's requirements.

  • Annual health check-ups
  • Yoga sessions
  • CPR camp
  • Physiotherapy camps for pain management
  • Group activities to help them stay fit and rejuvenate
Corporate Wellness - Nutritionist Consultation

Nutritionist Consultation

Good nutrition is the key to good health. Our nutritionist consultations will guide the employees on intake of essential nutrients and keep them in the pink of health. Not only individualized full body medical check-ups and activities to keep them fit, but diet also plays a significant role when it comes to productivity and health.

Corporate Wellness - Management health Dashboard

Management Health Dashboard

We provide a graphical representation of the organization’s overall health based on the data from our annual health check ups for the parameters you choose. The dashboard consists of:

  • Detailed insights based on global health parameters,
  • Identifying the risk categories (high, medium & low)
  • Motivation for your employees to improve their health, reduce their risk of lifestyle diseases, and charge your company’s work environment with drive and positivity

What’s more? Employee Medical Health Check-ups are an investment with great ROI as they lower your medical expenditure and boost your overall financial performance as well. Our preventive health management programs will help to improve productivity and talent retention capacity. By encouraging health at work, you are letting health work for you

Our preventive health management programs will help to improve productivity and talent retention capacity. By encouraging health at
work, you are letting health work for you.

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