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Maternal Screening Overview: Understanding the Importance and Benefits

  • March 09,2023
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Maternal Screening Overview: Understanding the Importance and Benefits


Dual Marker


Quadruple Marker


Ideal gestational period

11 weeks to 13 weeks, 6 days

11 weeks to 13 weeks, 6 days

15 weeks to 21 weeks, 6 days

10 weeks to term

Biochemical values


Free beta HCG


Free beta HCG




Free beta HCG



No biochemical testing – sequencing of fetal fraction DNA in the maternal circulation

Bio-physical values required and acceptable range

NT: less than 3 mm

CRL: 42 – 83


CRL: 45 – 84 mm

NT: less than 3 mm

UTPI: 0.4 – 4 

MAP for pre-eclampsia

BPD: 31 – 52 mm


Detection rate





False positive rate





Clinical indication

Early detection of down syndrome, edward syndrome, patau syndrome, and other aneuploidies.

Fetal aneuploidies, structural defects, and pre-eclampsia.

Identifies risk for down syndrome, edward syndrome, patau syndrome, and neural tube defect syndrome.

Screening test for fetal aneuploidies like down syndrome, edward syndrome, and patau syndrome.


AFP – Alpha-fetoprotein; BPD – Biparietal diameter; CRL – Crown rump length; HCG – Human chorionic gonadotropin; MAP – Mean-arterial pressure; NT – Nuchal translucency; PAPP-A –  Pregnancy associated plasma protein; PIGF – Placental growth factor; uE3 – Unconjugated estradiol; UTPI – Uterine artery pulsatility index; NIPT – Non-invasive prenatal testing



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