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Newborn Screening Tests: Essential Health Screening Tests Your Baby Needs

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Since their well-being is your responsibility

• Nearly 2100 babies are born every hour in India1. More than 3400 infants a day – suffer from a congenital abnormality2

• If left undetected and untreated, these disorders will likely claim most of these young lives by age five.3

• If detected in the first few days after birth, those infants may be given a healthy start to life.


NEWBORN SCREENING: Restoring the right to a healthy childhood

63 babies saved everyday*

• Suburban Diagnostics in association with PerkinElmer (a global leader in newborn screening with over 30 years of experience) offers Complete Newborn screening range

• Detects over 50 metabolic disorders

• Uses VICTORTM 2D (time resolved Fluorometry) and MS/MS (Tandem Mass Spectroscopy) delivering high sensitivity and reproducibility of results

• Complete solution provider – from sample to result with expert interpretation of results

• Over 500 million babies screened using PerkinElmer solutions worldwide


Newborn Screening: Basic Panel

• Can detect metabolic conditions after 48 hours of age and within 15 days

• Sample collection is safe and simple – a heel prick on specially designed DBS card
Congenital Hypothyroidism (CH) • Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia (CAH) • G6PD Galactosemia • Cystic Fibrosis (CF) • Biotinidase • Phenylketonuria (PKU)

Table 1 - New born screening basic panel

Table 2 - New Born screening basic panel

1 in 1500 to 3000 newborns suffer from Inborn Errors of Metabolism*


Newborn Screening: Expanded Panel – Inborn Errors of Metabolism

I. A comprehensive screening program for clinically significant disorders performed using MS/MS (Tandem Mass Spectrometer), the most widely used technique for IEM testing

II. Detects more than 50 disorders which include
•11 Amino Acid disorders
•13 Acylcarnitines (Fatty Acid disorders)
•Organic Acid disorders
•Newborn Screening: Basic Panel


Heel prick sample collection technique

New Born Screening LBL_Final

To view the complete sample collection procedure, ask for ‘PerkinElmer’s Newborn Screening on DBS’ DVD.


Disorders included in Newborn Screening: Expanded Panel

Table 3 - New born screening expanded panel
Table 4 - New born screening expanded panel

Table 5 - New born screening expanded panel
Table 6 - New born screening expanded panel

Table 7 - New Born Screening Tests



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