As a leading lab in the country, we consider it a responsibility and the goal of our organization, to work hand-in-hand with doctors, healthy individuals and patients alike. This is done in order to alleviate the burden of disease in the country that's sapping our already overburdened healthcare resources. As Suburban Diagnostics enters its 25th year of operation, #UnburdenHealthcare is a campaign that we have embarked upon with zeal and gusto!

The Role of Diagnostics in Clinical Decision Making

Laboratory diagnostics is a crucial component of the overall healthcare ecosystem. Multi-speciality laboratories like us work very closely with clinicians from different streams. By providing timely, accurate and precise lab results, we play a key role in the process of clinical decision making. In that sense, we act as an extended arm to the practising clinicians.

Seamless Lab-to-Clinic Continuum

We believe that optimizing the lab to clinic continuum gives us the opportunity to create channels of communication with clinicians, understand their needs better, serve them well and understand patients better. All this finally translates into better service delivery at the level of the lab, by facilitating more comprehensive and clinically meaningful diagnosis.

Diagnostics at Every Stage of Healthcare Delivery

Close to 70% of all clinical decisions are dependent on lab diagnosis. Lab testing has a definite role to play in every step of medical care; right from early screening to confirmatory diagnosis, prevention and monitoring.