• People with a weak immune system, as a result of chronic diseases such as diabetes, are at a higher risk of progressing from latent to active tuberculosis
  • Diabetes triples a person’s risk of developing TB. About 15% of TB cases globally may be linked to diabetes
  • TB can temporarily cause impaired glucose tolerance which is a risk factor for developing diabetes
  • The likelihood that a person with TB will die or relapse is significantly higher if the person also has diabetes
  • A large proportion of people with diabetes as well as TB are not diagnosed, or are diagnosed too late
  • Early detection can help improve care and treatment outcomes of both diseases. All people with TB should be systematically screened for diabetes. Systematic screening for TB in people with diabetes should be considered in settings with high TB prevalence
  • It is important that proper care for diabetes is provided to minimize the risk of TB
  • Diabetes prevention on population level also helps prevent TB
At Suburban Diagnostics, we offer the following tests for diagnosis of Tuberculosis:
  • Genexpert – Rapid confirmatory diagnosis
  • Tb Culture and Sensitivity – Tells your doctor the drugs that will work best in case of TB
  • AFB Smear – One of the initial tests that the doctor would perform for a suspected case of TB
  • TB PCR – Confirmatory test for certain types of TB cases
  • Cytology/Biopsy
  • ADA

We also offer the full range of tests for diabetes

Full range of Diabetes tests (HbA1c, PPBS, FBS, RBS, HOMA, Insulin autoantibodies, GAD65)