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Taking Care Of Your Heart – Part 2

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In our last post, we spoke about the Risky 10 – Risk factors that are responsible for varied heart diseases. This blog will talk about the heart attack symptoms for Men & Women.

Women’s Symptoms of Heart Attacks
Research by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) reports that most women have different symptoms than men prior to and during a heart attack.

Of the 515 women studied, 95% identified new or different symptoms a month before the heart attack. Fewer than 30% reported chest pain or discomfort prior, and 43% reported no chest pain during any phase of the attack.

Unfortunately women’s symptoms are not as predictable as men’s, resulting in less prevention and poorer care.

Women’s symptoms prior to heart attack:
Unusual fatigue – 70% Sleep disturbance – 48% Shortness of breath – 42% Indigestion (nausea, vomiting) – 39% Anxiety – 35%

Women’s symptoms during heart attack:
Shortness of breath – 58% Severe weakness – 55% Unusually severe fatigue – 43% Cold sweat – 39% Dizziness – 39%
Men’s Symptoms of Heart Attacks
Men can have any of these heart attack symptoms:
PAIN: Pain, pressure, tightness, discomfort, fullness, squeezing or burning in the centre of the chest. Or pain extending to shoulders, neck, jaw, arms, or upper abdomen. Pain may be mild to intense, lasting several minutes.

HEARTBEAT: Increased, decreased or irregular.

BREATHING: Light headedness, shortness of breath, fainting.

MOOD: Anxiety, nervousness, fear of impending doom.

SKIN: Paleness, pallor, cold, sweaty.


Our next and last post of this Series will talk about “How to Survive a Heart Attack”.

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