Health Checkups

Prevent diseases with Suburban Diagnostics’ Preventive Health Checkups available across India. Book an appointment at your nearest Suburban Diagnostics’ centre!

Live a pain-free life. Get a bone & joint checkup done for you and your dear ones at the nearest Suburban Diagnostics’ Centre!

Cancer is curable in the early stages. Get a checkup at your nearest Suburban Diagnostics center to detect the deadly disease while it is most treatable!

There is a heart attack every 20 seconds. Request your Heart Checkup at your nearest Suburban Diagnostic center today!

Are you really fit? Is all the exercise working out for you? Visit your nearest Suburban Diagnostic Center to check your fitness levels!

Suburban Diagnostics offers checkups for Senior Citizens. Contact our nearest center today for more details!

Pathology Labs

Suburban Diagnostics is India’s leading pathology lab offering a broad array of pathology services from Hematology, Serology & Microbiology among others! Contact us!

Diagnostic Centers

Suburban Diagnostics offers a wide range of diagnostic services such as Digital X-Ray, Sonography, Mammography, Stress Test & Color Doppler Ultrasound among others! Contact us today!

Get your Digital X-Ray tests done at Suburban Diagnostics’ state-of-the-art centers across Mumbai and Pune today! Click here to book an appointment!

Detect Abnormalities and conditions related to pregnancy. Visit your nearest Suburban Diagnostics center today for a Sonography Test!

Suburban Diagnostics offers ECG Testing service across its centers in Mumbai & Pune. Come get the ECG Test done at your nearest Suburban Diagnostics’ center!

Visit your nearest Suburban Diagnostics’ Stress Test Center today! We have many centers in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Thane & Pune.

Contact your nearest Suburban Diagnostics center for your Color Doppler Ultrasound Test! We have centers across Mumbai, Navi-Mumbai, Thane & Pune.

Check for any abnormalities in the heart via Suburban Diagnostics’ 2D Echo test that assesses your heart’s function and structures. Make an appointment today!

Mammography helps in the early detection of Breast Cancer. Contact our nearest Suburban Diagnostics’ center today to book an appointment!

Bone Mineral Density Test also called as a BMD Test helps identify the decrease in bone density, to determine risk of fracture and monitor osteoporosis. Book an appointment today!

Visit your nearest Suburban Diagnostics center for your Dental X-Ray! Contact us today!

Home Health Care Services

Get tests done from the convenience of your home. Contact Suburban Diagnostics for skilled technicians who will visit you for sample collection & deliver the report at your door-step!

Corporate Wellness

Happy, productive people have a positive effect on the working environment. Avail of innovative employee health & wellness programs from Suburban Diagnostics!

Knowledge Centre

Learn more about diagnostic tests and screenings that span across various topics such as prenatal screening, microbiology and allergy.

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Learn more about the recent offers and discounts at your nearest Suburban Diagnostics Center!

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