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The department of clinical chemistry and immunoassays caters to the lab diagnostic needs of doctors across different specialties. Some of the key features of this department are:

  • State-of-the-art, globally used, premium lab testing platforms which provide accurate and precise diagnosis within a short turn-around time to support vital clinical decision making
  • The infrastructure and the systems are capable of churning out test results based on the size of the network lab and equipment therein
  • An extensive test menu is available on high end automated platforms for comprehensive diagnosis (For eg: Hormonal assays and tumor markers)
  • An excellent team of pathologists and latest infrastructure enables us to offer special tests requiring experienced technical and medical expertise (For eg: Protein electrophoresis and immunotyping, abnormal hemoglobin studies)

From our vast armamentarium of hi-tech and advanced platforms, one of the platforms that we are really excited about is the Roche Cobas 8000. Recently, in June 2018, we took a huge technological leap in the area of clinical chemistry testing with the installation of the Roche Cobas 8000. It is by far the most advanced, sophisticated, high throughput, fast, and efficient lab testing platform in the area of clinical chemistry and immunoassays.

Why we believe the Cobas 8000 to be a great technological addition to our existing infrastructure and what’s in it for clinicians and patients?

Just as a metro train map helps you navigate the city, the Cobas 8000 provides a vast map of tests that will help you resolve the myriad of clinical and diagnostic dilemmas associated with patient management.

Cobas e 801 module
Lower Samples Volumes, Useful for Special Patient Populations

The instrument uses a new disposable tip to pick up every new patient’s sample. Hence, there is no chance for a new patient sample being contaminated with remnants of a previously processed sample because the same tip was not used for both. Hence, sample carry over effect and the mistakes in lab reporting arising due to this are totally eliminated.

At our department of clinical chemistry and immunoassays the entire cycle of result generation to approval is a closed circuit bidirectional interfacing with no manual interventions.

Multiple internal and external quality checks are run in order to attain Six Sigma performance
Our Key Offerings in Clinical Chemistry and Immunoassays
  • Routine and special chemistry
  • Diabetic profiles
  • Extended lipid profiles
  • Hormonal assays
  • Hepatitis markers
  • Bone markers
  • Nutritional markers
  • Infertility/ PCOS profiles
  • Infectious markers
  • Growth and development markers
  • Cardiac injury markers and cardiac risk assessment
  • Maternal Markers
  • Tumor markers
  • Autoimmunity panels
  • Protein electrophoresis
  • Immunotyping

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