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What is a Pre-Policy or Pre-Insurance Medical check-up?

A pre-policy medical examination or check-up consists of tests that the prospective policyholder is required to undergo before the policy is accepted by the insurance company and health cover extended to him/her. These tests are required so that the insurer is aware of the policyholder’s current medical fitness and if there are any pre-existing medical conditions.

Another reason for the pre-policy check-ups could be if the policyholder chooses a sum assured above the average amount, thereby increasing the risk of the insurer.

Importance of pre-insurance check up

These tests are important because they act as a benchmark against which the insurance company can measure the policyholder’s health. Any pre-existing medical conditions and illnesses would come to light through such a test, allowing the company to make a decision about the appropriate cover for that particular individual.

By undergoing a pre-policy test, the policyholder’s medical health will be on file, making it easier for both the insurance company as well as the policyholder to investigate and file a claim, respectively.

What are the tests usually conducted?

Each insurer has a different risk assessment policy, based on which a life assured’s medical risk is measured. The risk is measured by a grid, with the policyholder’s age and coverage amount being the parameters of the grid. Based on these two factors, the type of tests would be administered to the policyholder.

The usual tests administered are a measurement of
  • blood pressure
  • ECG
  • lipid profile test
  • blood sugar test
  • complete blood count
  • routine urine
  • stress test
  • USG – whole abdomen
  • PAP smear for women are sometimes included in pre-insurance check-ups

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