Senior Citizen Health Checkup

As we get older, our body’s metabolism slows down and we start to experience pain in different parts of our body. Looking at the way the older generation is aging, we can get an idea of the kind of lifestyle and the genetic factors which contribute to specific organ or limb degradation. Medical technology and understanding of the human body is always increasing. Researchers are looking to increase the longevity and the quality of life for people well into their twilight years.

Asking someone in your family to go for a senior citizen health checkup is a wonderful way to show you really care about the elderly. Increasing the health and wellness of a senior citizen is a trend we are all working towards. We know how to give respect to our elders but we feel lost about how to effectively care for them until we have children of our own. When recommending a health checkup for senior citizens, keep in mind that there are certain conditions that allow for the most accurate readings when testing.

We provide Senior Citizen Health Checkup services in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Thane, Mira Bhayandar & Pune.

Senior Citizen
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Senior Citizen MaleCBC | ESR | Fasting Blood Sugar | Glyco Hb (HbA1c) | Lipid-P | SGPT/ALT | Urea/BUN | Creatinine | Uric Acid | Calcium | Thyroid Function Tests | Vitamin B12 | Vitamin D Total (25-OH Vitamin D) | PSA-Total | Urine-R | USG Whole Abdomen | BMD (DEXA-Total Body)
Senior Citizen FemaleCBC | ESR | Fasting Blood Sugar | Glyco Hb (HbA1c) | Lipid-P | SGPT/ALT | Urea/BUN | Creatinine | Uric Acid | Calcium | Thyroid Function Tests | Vitamin B12 | Vitamin D Total (25-OH Vitamin D) | Urine-R | USG Whole Abdomen | BMD (DEXA-Total Body) | Pap Smear

Preparation for the tests:

  • Overnight fasting of 8 to 10 hours is required. No tea coffee should be taken.
  • Regular medication can be taken with plain water.
  • Calcium and multivitamins should be avoided 24-48hours prior to the test
  • Bring all your previous USG and BMD reports with you if you have undergone the test earlier.
  • Report to the centre 10 minutes prior to your appointment time.

With senior citizens, the most stress is felt by the people who are taking care of them because anything could happen. Falls amongst the elderly is a huge concern because of osteoporosis and the natural loss of maintaining balance that comes with old age. Currently, the most common causes for concern among the elderly are cancer, diabetes and heart disease. We all know that the immunity of the body tends to decrease as we get older and that’s also why it’s necessary to make sure that a senior citizen is checked every six months and every time someone falls ill.

With Suburban Diagnostics, we can help any senior citizen take a number of steps to preserve good health to enjoy their golden years. In Mumbai and Pune, we have specialized tests for male and female senior citizens. Even blood tests can be dialled for at home to aid those who face problems leaving their houses. Suburban Diagnostics offers these services for all senior citizens living in Mumbai and Pune. Your loved ones are precious to you so we make sure they are ok when you book your preventive healthcare check up with Suburban Diagnostics.