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Health Check Up for my Dad

  • Sameer Soni

The man, who taught me to hold a bat, will not hold a walking stick.

– Samir Soni

It’s almost 20 years I’ve been working as an actor but only a few people know the real me. In the midst of busy shooting schedules, erratic timings and assignments, there is one thing that grounds me and makes me realize that there is more to life than what you see – Family.

In 2005, I got the news that my dad could be suffering from dementia. The realization changed my life forever. I did everything I could to prevent the progression of this fast
growing disease and thankfully today, with regular checks and medication he is doing just fine. But it was a crossroad in my life where I made a decision to take control of my life and my health along with his.

My interactions with my doctors, dieticians etc., always started with one thing. Let’s do some tests. How easy it was to analyze health parameters after that, was amazing, and I
felt that I should do these tests regularly myself. Sometimes you just look perfectly fine on the outside but the inside of you could be a completely different picture.

Even today, I get a comprehensive health check up done twice a year. Unfortunately, when I tell people about getting themselves checked, they often push it away saying they don’t want to live in the fear of something popping up and landing them in a difficult situation.
One such friend, after much persuasion went for a test and discovered she was in the initial stage of cancer. Thankfully it was detected so early that she has no sign of it today.

Life is so competitive that we have no time to stop and think for ourselves. Sometimes it’s better to stop now, instead of being forced by life and health. Give a day in your life, and
Live Healthy.

Life has taught me a lot of things – We don’t always need to cure when you can prevent. There is a big difference in saying I’m fine, and being fine. Life is too short to learn from just my own mistakes. Most importantly I have learnt that being a father is much more difficult than to simply act as one.

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