Quality Assurance

Suburban Diagnostics’s core quality principle is the continuous improvement of all processes and service supporting the care of patients. To support this principle, we have comprehensive Quality Systems

“The system is composed of required quality system essentials. The policies, processes, and procedures associated with these quality system essentials are applied to all operations in the workflow path (e.g. pre-analytical, analytical and post-analytical). Quality management focuses on continuous quality improvement as measured by customer satisfaction.”

Operating within a Quality System enhances our ability to meet the requirements of accreditation agencies and facilitates service satisfaction for our clients. We also have defined processes for planning and evaluating the efficiency of our Quality System through scheduled internal audits.


  • Our Quality Systems are compliant with the requirements of clinical laboratory standards institute ISO 15189.
  • Our Quality Assurance Program is designed to monitor every step in the study process.
  • Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) are strictly adhered to throughout all processes.
  • Stringent Internal Quality Control samples are tested with each run of specimens.
  • Quality Control results meet all statistical process control criteria before patient results are released.
  • Suburban Diagnostics participate in extensive Proficiency Testing Programs.
  • Continuous Quality Improvement Programs enhance the quality of our results and services.

Suburban Diagnostics is accredited by the College of American Pathologists (CAP), a leading international laboratory accrediting organisation, and the National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories (NABL), the sole government-authorised laboratory accreditation body in India. Accreditation by CAP and NABL is widely regarded in the international diagnostic industry as signifying that a laboratory performs diagnostic testing at the highest international quality standards.






inter-qual-innerAll centres of Suburban Diagnostics run quality control protocols in accordance with the instrument or reagent manufacturer’s instructions and National and International regulations. Patient test results are not released until the quality control indicators are within acceptable limits. Frequent review of Levy-Jennings control charts in QC software enables the supervisors and the pathologists to quickly focus on areas needing attention.



Proficiency-TestingSuburban Diagnostics’s Proficiency Testing Program includes participation in several International and National Quality Programs.

  • Biorad EQAS Program (USA) – Clinical Chemistry & Immunoassays
  • CMC-Vellore Coagulation Program (India)
  • AIIMS Hematology Program (India)
  • IAMM-Microbiology Program (India)

All our centres are monitored by our Central Quality Assurance via participation in relevant programs and also our Monthly Inter laboratory and Inter-Centre testing Program. In addition we also conduct several Internal Quality Assessment viz. retained sample testing.