Preventive Genomics

Preventive Genomics includes:

  • Analysis genetic risk which is independent of family history and environmental risk factors
  • Receive more accurate picture of overall disease risk (having intermediate or low levels of environmental risk does not necessarily mean that you will not develop a disease)
  • A piece of information which allows risk assessment in advance of development of symptoms
  • Based on studies conducted on thousands of Indian patients
  • Non Invasive DNA sample collection


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SD_Genetic Risk Screening LBL Front-2

DNA Based Weight Management

  • DNA based weight loss diets have been shown to be 3 times more effective than conventional weight loss diets
  • DNA based nutrition metabolism screening will help discover your bodies unique nutritional needs and also personalize your nutrition supplementation
  • DNA based fitness profiling will help optimise your work-out for enhanced health benefits and weight

SD_Genetic Risk Screening LBL Front-2