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Living Cancer Free

  • Gayatri Heble

I had Cancer. I now only have good days, or great days!

Ever wondered how we take so many things for granted in life? Family. Friends. Love. Health. Home. It takes just one incident to change all that. That’s what happened 8 years ago, over one phone call, changing my life forever.

January 2006. I was my healthiest, fittest self. I had just run the marathon. March 2006, I visited my family physician, who suggested I should do a full medical check because I wasn’t feeling exactly 100% fit.

The next morning I went to Suburban Diagnostics for my check up. That evening, quite unexpectedly, I got a call from lab asking me to meet the Pathologist there as they wanted a second sample. When my sister and I walked out of the Pathologist’s cabin, we were totally numb. “Do you know what Acute Leukemia is?” I asked her and she simply nodded.

In the simple CBC blood test, the Pathologist suspected that the abnormal cells in my blood indicated Leukemia, hence he had asked for another sample to recheck. The pathologist called up Dr. Abhay Bhave, a Hematologist and got an appointment for me for that very day.

Dr. Bhave certified the suspicions, but only a Bone Marrow Biopsy could confirm their fears. I prayed for strength to fight and accept what was to come and over the next fewmonths, it was me vs. Leukaemia.

I underwent 3 grueling cycles of Chemotherapy, as well as, a Bone Marrow transplant at the Christian Medical College, Vellore. Luckily, my sister’s stem cells were a perfect match!

Now my blood group is A+, while earlier I used to be O+. After a 3 month stay in CMC Vellore I returned to Mumbai, completely Cancer free. Yes! I was ALIVE and back home!! I am ever grateful for my life, and for which, I now go for regular blood tests. But when it happened, it wasn’t just a simple CBC test that SAVED MY LIFE, but an alert pathologist at Suburban Diagnostics who guided us on the right path to recovery.

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