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Whether it’s prenatal screening, microbiology or allergy, we have information about health topics that interest you. In this section, you can get comprehensive and essential information related to commodity conducted diagnostic tests and screenings.


Microbiology Test

Suburban Diagnostics is revolutionizing Microbiology with the help of ...

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Histopathology & Cytology Test

Suburban Diagnostics has established a new milestone with in house hi...

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Preventive Genomics

Preventive Genomics includes analysis of genetic risk independent of f...

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Prenatal Screening

This Screening is used to identify those pregnancies in which there is...

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Thalassemia Screening Test

Thalassemia Test

Thalassemia is a genetic disorder of the blood that affects a person's...

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Molecular Diagnostics

Molecular diagnostics is a technique used to analyse biological marker...

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