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The taboo of infertility

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The taboo of infertility lingers on and therefore my story is anonymous.

It was our third marriage anniversary celebration and as family and friends poured into our living room, so did the pressure. Questions and jibes began about the impending “good news”. How could we tell all these people that we were trying to have a baby but weren’t successful? Our desire to have a baby topped with the fear of being socially isolated, was a potent combination that induced stress in our relationship.

However, we took the first step.Holding on to the diminishing faith in our hearts, we visited Suburban Diagnostics. The doctor in charge understood not only my medical difficulty, but also the havoc in my mind. Thankfully, my husband too agreed to undergo investigations along with me. He underwent a semen analysis, which was found within normal limits. For me, we began with routine investigations such as CBC, FIBS, LG, SH, E2, Progesterone, Thyroid Hormone,Prolactin, AMH and other Hormone Assays.

The Pathologist spoke to us personally and explained that there was a hormonal imbalance that was correctable. While options such as IVF were available to us, we wanted to try the natural way, so we continued to go to Suburban Diagnostics for repeated tests.

I kept getting the follicular study done at regular intervals. After treatment I got my Beta HCG tests done. While collecting my reports the Pathologist saw us through the glass of her cabin and gave us an optimistic thumbs up with a big smile. We opened the reports eagerly.

I had conceived! Tears of joy rolled down my cheeks.

For the next few months I continued to go there now for my baby’s prenatal progress. But one thing remained the same, the service and support of Suburban Diagnostics. I thank them for helping us complete our family! Today, my son is three years old and I also have a 6 month old daughter. If this isn’t a triumph of science over social

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