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The Use Of HIV Genotyping To Guide Therapy


  • A recent study from India, reported HIV-1 subtype ‘C’ to be predominant in 95.6% patients, while 4.4% patients were infected with circulating recombinant forms.
  • Mutational testing reported 43.4% treatment naive and 36.3% treatment experienced patients to confer first – and/or second – line antiretroviral drug resistance.
  • The International AIDS Society-USA Panel issued a consensus statement in 2000, noting that resistance testing is of value in situations of first regimen failure, multiple regimen failures, and pregnancy with (HIV) viremia. Additionally, the panel recommends considering resistance testing in cases of primary HIV infection and established HIV infection.


  • HIV-1 Drug Resistance Testing is an in-house developed assay based on the PCR + Sequencing platform. This test reports the genotypic mutations present and the antiviral drugs for which the mutations Conferresistance. The results of this test must be utilized in the Context of the Complete clinical picture.

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