Samples collected in the safety and comfort of your home. You can also visit our exclusive Covid-19 collection centres to do the test with our expertly trained staff.

    SUBURBAN Zero Error Process Flow – Explained

    • Booking Appointments can be booked easily, be it for centre visit or home visit.

    • Collection SWAB samples are collected by our highly trained and experienced phlebotomists in a convenient, safe and painless manner.

    • Sample verification Pre-testing quality and quantity check, after which, the samples are given identifiers (barcodes)

    • Report delivery Track real time status of your reports. You can collect your reports from the centre, as well as online.

    • Automation & screening Our fully automated procedures ensure minimal chance of human error. Reports are finalized after a maker-checker screening.

    • Infrastructure We use the latest and best-in-class German and Japanese technology for maximum accuracy and precision.

    Recovered from COVID-19 recently? We advise you to keep a check on your recovery by using our Post-Covid Health Check-Up Packages.

    Why choose Suburban for COVID-19 testing

    We maintain the highest standards in COVID-19 testing, as a result of which
    Suburban Diagnostics has become a frontrunner in the battle against COVID-19.

    • Most credible diagnostic partner
      1. Suburban Diagnostics was in the first list of 4 labs approved by ICMR for COVID-19 testing.
      2. We are trusted and preferred by the authorities for processing samples from government and private hospitals.
      3. We have tested the highest number of COVID-10 samples amongst private labs.
    • Intensive training of processing staff
      1. All our sample collection staff have been intensively trained to minimise the chances of false negative results due to inadequate sampling.
      2. All processing staff are trained and periodically re-trained, and are involved in the continuous improvement of processes and workflow.
    • Staff safety measures and protocol
      1. We maintain the highest safety standards as per national and international guidelines, and employees are trained on safety protocols to ensure strict compliance.
      2. Our safety protocol ensures all staff involved in COVID-19 testing undergo clear and transparent COVID-19 testing at regular intervals.
    • Quality comes first
      1. Our collection kits are standardized and of the highest quality. All testing kits used are those validated by ICMR, and showing 100% concordance.
      2. A monthly inter-laboratory comparison is performed with the testing centre at Kasturba Govt. Hospital, and we have always received the highest concordance scores.
    • Testing procedure as per standardized guidelines
      1. Both oropharyngeal and nasopharyngeal swabs are collected, to ensure the representativeness of the sample and reliability of the result.
      2. All samples are barcoded at source and a team ensures these are registered with no chance of mix-up.
      3. Viral RNA extraction is automated to guarantee consistency with every batch.
      4. Every batch of PCR is run with positive control and a reaction control to ensure 100% efficiency of PCR.
    • Dedicated logistics team in the front-line
      1. A dedicated logistics team ensures that all samples are transported as per ICMR & WHO guidelines, maintaining the ideal temperature during transport to ensure viability of the samples.
    • Task force in action
      1. We have a task force of 5 lab professionals for direct interaction regarding any testing queries.
      2. We have a dedicated COVID-19 helpline number, dedicated email and website for online bookings, and for our collection centres.