Message from our MD – Dr. Sanjay Arora

Dear Valued Customer,

These are unprecedented times, a fight against a common enemy, the Coronavirus pandemic.

Good personal hygiene and social distancing or containment are the needs of the hour. In particular, social distancing is critical in preventing person to person spread.

The objective is to flatten the community load of exposure and hence, infections in people. This will allow those in need to be adequately managed by the healthcare service providers, without overwhelming them.

All our customer facing teams are adequately geared to protect themselves and to aid in protecting you from the spread of this virus.

To aid in this initiative, we at Suburban Diagnostics are requesting you to

  • Postpone all elective tests like a health checkup or any other test that can be rescheduled to a later date (April 1, 2020 and beyond).
  • Those individuals who are a “suspect case” of acute respiratory symptoms [as per WHO guidelines available here: ] to kindly identify yourselves when you visit our centres – this will allow our team to manage your condition with special precautions, so as to prevent any cross infection with other customers or the healthcare providers. Visiting a doctor before visiting us and validating your symptoms with a prescription will be most helpful.
  • Seek our home visit services for non-suspect cases, (if urgent), click
  • Please cooperate with our teams who are braving these times to be of service to the community.
  • Accommodate few instances of delays in service or denial of non-essential service.

The Government of India is in the process of approving private laboratories for Coronavirus testing. We will be creating secure sites and collection services as per WHO guidelines and SOPs provided by ICMR, the nodal healthcare authority in India. We will keep you informed about any developments.

For any further details please refer:

We seek your support in helping us manage these tough times. I am sure with our collaborative approach, we will see the end of this menace.

Dr Sanjay Arora
Managing Director, Suburban Diagnostics

Here’s the recording

Dr Sanjay Arora (Suburban Diagnostics)-Corona Virus Special with Hrishi K by HrishiKay on SoundCloud