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Common Monsoon Fevers

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Viral Fever:

The duration of primary infection may vary from days to several weeks. It is characterized by bodyache, fever, rash & fatigue. Viral Fever is considered to be the most common disease in monsoon. This illness is usually self-limited but the fatigue and cough may persist for a few weeks. The tests which can be done are Dengue NS1 Antigen, Dengue IgM, Chikungunya IgM, SGPT, HAV IgM and HEV IgM.




Maximum cases of Malarial Fever are seen in monsoons. Mosquitoes are responsible for transmission. Rain provides opportunities for the breeding of mosquitoes in water- logged areas. Symptoms range from mild to severe, like fever with chills, headache, jaundice, severe exhaustion, and fluctuating state of consciousness. The tests which can be done are Malarial Parasite (MP) Smear and Malarial Parasite (MP) Antigen.




It is a mosquito-borne disease; symptoms include high grade fever, rash & headache. The control measure of Dengue Fever requires elimination of mosquito breeding places. The tests which can be done are CBC, Dengue NS1 Antigen and Dengue IgM.




Highly infectious & communicable disease that spreads through contaminated food and water during the monsoon season. Poor hygiene and sanitation is the main cause of Typhoid Fever. Common symptoms are fever, headache, sore throat & abdominal pain. The tests which can be done for typhoid are Blood Culture, Rapid Typhoid and Widal.




It is spread mainly by exposure to water or soil, contaminated by the urine of infected animals. People can get the disease by swimming or wading in contaminated water. Symptoms range from high grade fever, jaundice to kidney failure. The test which can be done for leptospirosis is Leptospira IgM.




It is spread by a bite of infected mosquitoes. It is a Dengue like disease. Chikungunya is characterised by fever and severe joint pain. The test which can be done for Chikungunya is Chikungunya IgM.





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