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Ever since the inception of Suburban Diagnostics, the two most important areas of service for us have been infectious disorders and women’s health.

Under both these verticals, we have ensured that we have the most comprehensive test range, which simply means that any test that you or your doctor would like to get done under these areas is available with us.
To add to this, we have the best talent from the medical fraternity to head and manage these verticals. Our core clinical team of experts in the centers of excellence for infectious disorders and women’s health comes in with several years of rich experience and brilliant clinical acumen in these domains.

The clinical team

Our experienced and able internal team of clinical experts has been a major driver of the success of our centres of excellence.

  • Dr. Sanjay Arora

    Dr. Sanjay Arora

    MBBS, DPB, MD (Path) Managing Director

  • Dr. Sanjay Arora

    Dr Amar Dasgupta

    MD, PhD Director - Medical Services

  • Dr. Anupa Dixit

    Dr. Anupa Dixit

    MBBS, MD (Path) Lab Director

  • Dr. Jyot Thakker

    Dr. Jyot Thakker

    MD (Path), DPB HoD (Hospital Lab Management)

  • Dr. Anushree Gaigawale

    Dr. Anushree Gaigawale

    M.D., DNB (Microbiology) HoD (Microbiology)

  • Dr. Heena Satam

    Dr. Heena Satam

    Ph. D (Biochemistry) Sr Manager

  • Dr. Ratika Aggarwal

    Dr. Ratika Aggarwal

    MD (Path), PDCC HoD (Histopathology and Cytology)

However, that’s not the only USP of our centers of excellence. Besides the best test range and the best team, we also have the best technology and infrastructure to support our services in infectious disorders and women’s health.

Why is Suburban perceived as ‘High-Quality’ by its customers?