Cancer Checkup

One of the saddest things that we have to live with in today’s society is the constant threat of cancer. It takes away loved ones from our families without any notice. Cancer is caused by the development of malignancies, anti-bodies and tumors in any organ of the human body and has the capacity to spread to other body parts. Cancers can sometimes be felt as lumps such as in the case of breast cancer or lymphoma, cancer of the lymph nodes. At 8.2 million deaths recorded as of 2012, cancer leads the pack as the main reason for mortality in the modern world. (Source: WHO)

Tobacco is the leading cause of cancer related deaths. Smokers stand the biggest risk of cancer and should be most cautious. Everybody in Mumbai and Pune should get a cancer check up at least once a year because of the constant threat of lung cancer. People over the age of 40 are encouraged to get themselves checked for anything that might feel wrong in their bodies because it could be an indicator of something much bigger happening with their bodies. The immune system starts to slow down in people with this age group and cancers are likely to develop.

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Anniversary Cancer MaleCBC | ESR | Fasting Blood Sugar | SGOT/AST | SGPT/ALT| Creatinine | Calcium | Vitamin D Total (25-OH Vitamin D) | Urine-R | Stool-R | PSA-Total | CEA | AFP (Roche) | CA 72.4 (Roche) | CA 19.9 (ROCHE) | USG Whole Abdomen
Anniversary Cancer FemaleCBC | ESR | Fasting Blood Sugar | Lipid-P | SGOT/AST | SGPT/ALT | Creatinine | Calcium | Vitamin D Total (25-OH Vitamin D) | Urine-R | Stool-R | CEA | AFP (Roche) | CA 72.4 (Roche) | CA 19.9 (ROCHE) | CA 15.3 (ROCHE) | ROMA Index (CA-125 & HE4) | USG Whole Abdomen | Mammography | Pap smear

Cancer strikes at any time but thanks to modern medicine we are able to check for various forms of cancer. For men, they stand the highest risk of lung, stomach, liver and prostate cancer. These organs developing cancer aren’t exclusive to men. We can test to detect the presence of these cancers. For women, our exclusive cancer tests are; the PAP smear to test for cervical cancer, mammography for breast cancer and CA 125 for ovarian cancer.

The most important benefit about checking for cancer is to see if it can be detected early before it spreads to a place it can’t be removed from. Some cancers can be dealt with in their early stages either by medical treatments or surgeries but once it spreads to other important parts of the body, treatment becomes difficult and can be very painful for the patient. This is why it is so important to check for cancer regularly. Doctors still recommend that the best way to keep yourself cancer free is to have a healthy lifestyle with plenty of exercise and good food.

Remember that the goal of cancer screening tests is to detect the disease early when it is treatable. Come to Suburban Diagnostics and get yourself checked. Suburban Diagnostics screening tests are available in Mumbai and Pune. Get your cancer screening tests done at a Suburban Diagnostics centre near you.