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How can a doctor recommend the right test for monsoon fever?


Paired Blood Culture

  • 2.5 times yield over single blood culture

  • Fully automated blood culture system BacT/ALERT for detecting bacteria & fungus

  • Bottle contains Polymeric Beads which can allow growth even when the patients are already on antibiotics

  • Performed on blood & sterile body fluids

  • Helps differentiate contaminants from true pathogens

– Contaminants will grow in 1 of the 2 blood culture bottles.

– True pathogens will grow in both blood culture bottles.


Vitek Susceptibility

  • Identification based on 64 biochemical values and hence gives better precision & accuracy

  • MIC values are useful:

                – Most accurate method for prediction of clinical outcome of Antibiotic therapy

                – Better management of critically ill patients

  • Antibiotics reported according to the class of drugs