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Breast Cancer : The Indian Scenario

  • mammography-test
  • Breast Cancer is the most Common cancer among women in India and accounts for 27% of all cancer in women.
  • In urban areas, 1 in 22 women develops breast cancer during her lifetime.
  • 1.45 lakhs of fresh cases diagnosed every year in India.



  • The most efficient screening method to detect early breast cancer.
  • A Mammography is an X-ray that produces an image of the inner breast tissue on film, complimented by sono-mammography.
  • The test is conducted by a female technician, under the guidance of a Radiologist.

BRCA 1 & 2

  • Once in lifetime test for detection of hereditary breast & ovarian cancer risk.
  • In depth analysis by NGS and confirmation by Sanger Sequencing (Gold Standard Technique)

Other Tests

  • CA 15.3
  • FNAC

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