Urine Cultures in Female

Study at Suburban Diagnostics of more than 7500 urine isolates in female patients indicated

  • Ecoli
  • Klebsiella
  • Pseudomonas

as most common organism.

Why is treating a UTI a challenge?

Studies indicated different Drug Sensitivity patterns for the same organism

% of cases in women found sensitive to the antibioticsSensitivity Pattern (in %)

ESBL: Extended Spectrum b Lactamase

The difference in sensitivity pattern is due to variable ESBL production in gram –ve organism with the age group

  • Higher Age – Higher ESBL
  • Higher ESBL – Lower Sensitivity
  • Higher Age – Lower Sensitivity


Urine culture test is essential in each case of UTI

Agewise antibiotic sensitivity pattern in women

Choose the right Antibiotics by getting a Urine Culture tested at Suburban Diagnostics!

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