How To Achieve Success In Life

Top 11 qualities to help you be successful in life

This new year marks the beginning of a new decade. With it, comes a sense of renewed hope and aspirations. We wish all of you more positivity, good health and happiness in the days to come. Over the past few years, few experiences have played a significant role that holds prominence in my life. I want to share some with you, and I hope they help each of you in the constant pursuit of excellence in life.

1. Good Start

It is important to start each day, week, month and year on a positive note. My mantra is to start each day with determination and end it with satisfaction.

2. Be Selfish

This may ruthless, but I believe that if we comprehensively look after ourselves physically, mentally and emotionally, we are in a much better position personally and professionally. So, look after yourself to look after the things that matter to you.

3. Only Credibility Matters

No amount of money or fortune can match your credibility. It takes a lifetime to build credibility, but a fraction of time to erode it. Protect what matters to you, to protect your credibility and reputation. Nothing hurts more than a lost reputation.

4. Family and Teamwork

We all have a family at home and a team/family at work. Nobody supports you like your family. Spend time to nurture and groom your team, just as you nurture and build your family. For when the chips are down, it is this family and this team that will matter the most.

5. Add Value/Be Valuable

Find ways to show your gratitude, your way to give back and to add value to something or someone every day. So, take your time and give back to your family, society, team, organisation, community, country and humanity. It is important to build relations that transcend beyond transactions and find a way to add your value. Ask yourself each day, “whom or what did I add value to, today?”

6. Perseverance

I have worked hard, never gave up but didn’t learn to work smart. Hard work, dedication and perseverance always beats talents if we can add an element of smart work and efficiency. One way to do that is by using technology to have leverage.

7. Time

Time, the only currency we can’t get back. So, make good use of it. Be proactive, productive, learn to prioritize, learn to say no when things are not in sync with your plans and be more effective in life.

8. Ownership

This is never given but taken. Take ownership of what is important to you. This is the only way to progress. Take away responsibilities from your senior, push them up, so you can move up yourself.

9. Lead the way

Set an example of what you expect. We often expect people to behave differently yet, we don’t live up to the same standards. Don’t react, respond; learn to be better listeners, appreciate generously, smile often, look people in the eye when speaking to them, mean what you say and always give feedback in private.

10. Conviction

You can convince anyone if you convince yourself first. Find a way to that conviction and then work towards it. Nothing works better than getting a conviction from within. Because self-motivation is the best motivation.

11. Ask for What You Want

We often think about something but defer bringing that thought out, worrying about how people might react to it. We miss out on many opportunities because of this attitude. If you don’t ask, there’s a probability that you may never get the opportunity back but if you ask, the chances are boosted exponentially. So, shed your inhibitions, speak your mind and ask for what you want.

We have many exciting things to look forward to this new year. These new opportunities will build our path to greater heights. Let us put our best foot forward, not only because it is expected, but because we to want to, every day. I hope these experiences can serve as guidance and motivation in making sure you don’t make the same mistakes I have made.

My best wishes for the coming year and decade ahead. May this be your best year yet!

Dr Sanjay Arora,
Managing Director at Suburban Diagnostics