Test Range for Monsoon Infections


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    Sydromic fevers in 1 test

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    Days delay in treatment initiation

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    Results in 5 hours*

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    Incremental cost over serology

A comprehensive test range to diagnose common fevers
    • IgM
    • IgG
    • NS 1
    • Real Time PCR
    • IgM
    • Real Time PCR
    • Malaria Smear
    • Malaria Antigen
    • Real Time PCR
    • IgM {recommended after Day 5 of fever}
    • IgG {recommended after Day 5 of fever}
    • Real Time PCR {From Day 1 to Day 5 of fever}
    • Blood Culture
    • Real Time PCR
    • IgM
  • Blood Culture
    • Blood culture or paired blood culture is accurate and precise and is therefore the gold standard in the diagnosis of typhoid fever
  • Vitek Susceptibility
    • Antimicrobial susceptibility of 16 antibiotics with MIC values
    • Identification based on 64 biochemical values and hence gives better precision and accuracy
Test NameSample RequiredCut-offTAT
Blood Culture & Sensitivity – Paired Adult (Bact Alert/Automated paired blood culture, 1 bottles from each arm)Whole Blood in Blood culture Bottle [Above 12 yrs use Green bottle for aerobic & Orange bottle for anaerobic with minimum 10 ml blood]Sample by 4 PMInterim report 24 hrs, Final Report 6th Day
Urine Culture
  • Urinary isolate is identified and susceptibility is done using Vitek 2 Compact
  • The susceptibility to various groups of antibiotics is deduced using MIC and breakpoint MIC values
  • We use special boric acid (a urinary preservative) containers which maintain the colony count of bacteria and avoid over growth

At Suburban Diagnostics, we retrospectively studied around 25000 samples of urine culture over a period of 3 years. The study concluded the following:

  • 71%

    of patients are females

  • 60 Years

    Majority of the cases confirmed by urine culture belong to this age

  • 93%

    of causative organisms detected by urine culture are Gram negative

  • ALMOST 60%

    of the Gram negative isolates are ESBL producers

Test NameSample RequiredCut-offTAT
Urine Culture & SensitivityUrine in Boric acid containerSample by 4 PM48-72 hrs
  • Serological tests for Hepatitis A and Hepatits E also available
Test NameSample RequiredCut-offTAT
Anti HAV IgM2 ml serumSample by 7 PMSame Day
Anti HEV IgM2 ml serumSample by 7 PMSame Day

H1N1 and Influenza Testing

Test NameSample RequiredCut-offTAT
H1N1 (Influenza) ScreeningThroat Swab & Nasal Swab in viral Transport media at 2-8 °CSample by 9 PMSame Day 6 PM
H1N1 (by RT PCR)Throat Swab & Nasal Swab in viral Transport media at 2-8 °CSample by 9 PMSame Day 6 PM