With its robust quality control process, Suburban Diagnostics assures accurate and precision test results.

Make Suburban your trusted partner in diagnostics

  • To ensure results that are accurate and precise
  • To translate into correct diagnosis and optimum patient care

Proficiency Testing (PT) = Essential Component of Laboratory External Quality Assurance

Proficiency testing is an inter-laboratory comparison, conducted by societies like CAP, Biorad and Randox. It compares results obtained by different by different laboratories for tests performed on unknown samples – to check for the closeness of results to the actual known mean.

Accuracy = Closeness of a measured value to a standard or known mean

Let’s consider the case of glucose for eg: if a patient’s glucose value is 85 mg/dL

Lab Reported ValueOutcome
85.4 mg/dLAccurate
100 mg/dLInaccurate

Precision = Measure of reproducibility of results with the closeness of two or more measurements to each other

Let’s consider the case of a patient with glucose value 93.9mg/dL

DaysGlucose (mg/dL)
Day 193.9
Day 290.4
Day 387

Note: Total allowable error for glucose as per Clinical Laboratory Amendments (CLIA) guideline is 10%.

Suburban diagnostics is a NABL accredited and CAP accredited laboratory.

The laboratory uses stringent IQC and EQC for ensuring accurate and precise results and also successfully participates in Biorad, EQAS and CAP assessments, for increased clinical and patient confidence.

At each of our labs, the test performance has exceeded the acceptable cut off for > 95% for our samples. A summary for the same, for the period of Jan to Jun 2017 has been presented below.