Radiology Services

Trust Suburban Diagnostics Radiology Services for clear and sharp medical imaging

Digital X-Ray delivers outstanding image quality.

Contrast improved for greater resolution and detailed image, helps in reducing error rates.

X-Ray rooms designed as per Atomic Energy Regulatory Board(AERB) guidelines.

Panel of in-house Radiologists, critical reports are discussed internally for second opinion.

Facility of urgent reports.

Facility of X-Ray at home.


State-of-the-Art machines from

  • GE Voluson P8
  • Philips HD 15 & HD 11
  • Toshiba Nemio-XG
  • Site and investigator support for clinical research studies in Cardiology, Pathology and Radiology

Helps diagnose a variety of conditions like Fetus Assessment, Pelvic Examination, Urological disorders, etc.

At Suburban Diagnostics Radiologist are Fetal Medicine Foundation (FMF) UK certified.

Clinical findings are discussed with prescribing doctor through telecon.

Sonography is available across all Suburban radiology centres between 9am to 1pm (Mon-Sat) & at select centres in the evenings.


The most efficient screening method to detect early breast cancer.

A mammogram is an X-Ray that produces an image of the inner breast tissue on film.

Complimented by sono-mammography.

The technique is used to visualize normal and abnormal structures like cysts, calcifications, and tumors within the breasts.

Mammography can be used to discover a small cancer at a curable stage.

The test is conducted by a Female technician, under the guidance of a Radiologist.


Bone Mineral Density(BMD) estimates the true mass of bone.

Helps predict the risk of osteoporosis & future fracture so that a treatment program can be optimized.

BMD test results are estimated on the basis of:

T-Score: The patient’s bone mineral density as compared to the peak bone mass in normal young adult.

A score of 0 means BMD = norm of a healthy young adult

The diagnosis of osteoporosis or low bone mass is based on T-score.

Z-Score: The patient’s bone mineral density as compared to the peak bone mass in age-sex matched adult.

Z-Score is useful for determining whether an underlying disease or condition is causing bone loss.

Cardiology Services

Trust Suburban Diagnostics Cardiology Services

Electrocardiogram(ECG) identifies approximately 1/3rd of Acute Coronary Syndrome (ACS) patients with persistent ST- segment elevation (STEMI) who require immediate reperfusion.

ECG may also provide information on the anatomic location, extent and severity of the coronary lesion as well as the presence of complication of acute MI with a poor prognosis (eg. Arrhythmias and conduction abnormalities such as heart block).

At Suburban Diagnostics, ECG is performed by experienced technicians & report is authorized by qualified M.D. Physicians / DNB / D.Card.


2D Echo is Sonography of the heart used to assess:

Congenital Heart Disease, Ischemic Heart Disease, Valvular Heart Disease.

Helps Determine Heart Valve, Pumping of Heart, Silent Heart attack.

Assess and quantify intra ventricular dyssynchrony and dysscynchronous wall function.

2D Echo is performed by experienced Cardiologists.

2D Echo is available across all Suburban radiology centres.

Findings are discussed with prescribing doctor through telecon.


Stress tests helps determine the amount of stress that your heart can manage before developing either an abnormal rhythm or evidence of ischemia (not enough blood flow to the heart muscle).

Helps develop a safe exercise program.

The machine used for Stress test is Spandan by Schiller.

This test is performed under the supervision of experienced MD Physician/Cardiologist at our centres.

Pre & post test counseling is done by doctor performing the test.

Stress Test is available across all Suburban radiology centres between 9am to 12pm (Mon-Sat).