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    Quick reference of Antibody tests at Suburban:

    Name of TestMaharashtraGoa & MP
    Antibody Check (SARS-CoV-2-CLIA)Rs 350/-Rs 950/-
    Post Vax Antibody CheckRs 1,500/- Rs 1,200/-Rs 1,500/- Rs 1,200/-
     Name of Test
     Goa & MP
     Antibody Check (SARS-CoV-2-CLIA)
     Rs 350/-
     Rs 950/-
     Post Vax Antibody Check
    Rs 1,500/-
    Rs 1,200/-
    Rs 1,500/-
    Rs 1,200/-
    *Home visit charges applicable
    For ease of understanding our Antibody tests can be broadly classified into two types:

    For testing after confirmed or suspected infection:

    Antibody Check (SARS-CoV-2-CLIA)Most sensitive and earliest marker of immune response after and infection. Our data has shown that ~92% of people develop antibodies after infection, which can be picked up by this test.

    For testing after vaccination:

    Post Vax Antibody CheckTest designed not just to determine if you have developed antibodies post vaccination, but also how much.
    So, detecting and measuring antibodies is important because it can tell you:
    • Whether you have had an infection: It is common knowledge now that COVID-19 can be completely asymptomatic. So, you may have had an infection without even knowing it. In such situations, antibody screening can help determine whether you have had the infection in the recent past.
    • Whether you have any deg ree of protection against future infections: Experience from other viral infections tells us that the antibodies that you develop foIlowing an infection can give you some degree of protection against future infection by the same strain of the virus.
    • Whether the vaccination has worked: No vaccine is 100% effective. In some cases, especially in people with compromised immune systems, antibody response even post vaccination may not be adequate for your protection.