Our Pathology Labs

Pathology is the science of the causes and effects of diseases. Specifically, it relates to examining body tissue and bodily fluids for diagnostic purposes. It is only by equipping pathology labs with the latest in medical equipment that we are able to detect and prevent the spread of diseases. Preventive healthcare is our primary concern and by keeping advanced medical equipment in our pathology laboratories has allowed us to save many lives.

Located across west India, we offer comprehensive medical testing to our customers. Our staff’s is trained to stay safe when dealing with dangerous diseases in the lab. If you don’t find a service in one lab, we have other labs where you’ll find our services. Across various cities, we aim to fulfil all your diagnostic needs and deliver a pleasant experience all the way. Some of our services can also be availed while you are at home. It’s another part of delivering great features to our happy customers.

In addition, Suburban Diagnostics also consults you about how to change your lifestyle and gives you the steps to live a healthier life. For patients who need regular treatment for their diseases, our experts are available to help manage conditions like diabetes and erratic blood pressure. Timely checks on your body will ensure that you live a life free from disease and filled with the freedom to fulfil your dreams.

We are constantly striving to bring new technology into our labs. As our focus is on preventive health care, we are always looking new and unique ways to detect and scan the human body. With better ways to detect diseases we can save more people in more places. Our pathology labs in Mumbai reach out to 6.2 lakh people and our pathology labs in Pune reach out to 1.2 lakh people.