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A doctor’s perfect partner

  • Dr-Indu-Khosla

When a good impression turns into respect, it is trust built over the years

– Dr. Indu Khosla

How is the baby doing? asked the Pathologist from Suburban Diagnostics. Curious by the unexpected inquiry, I said, the baby is fine. Looks quite comfortable. Why?. The PI is 75%. was the reply.

I couldn’t believe my ears. It’s not something you hear even on the worst of the days. I was taken aback, as any doctor would have been. PI is short for Parasite Index, a yard-stick
to assess the level of malarial infection. Even 5% is considered beyond normal, and in the case of this child it was an alarming 75%.

It was an emergency, but what could have been easily misinterpreted to be a regular case of plain malaria, with a timely and concerned intervention, had turned into a fight
for life.

We changed the entire blood of the baby’s body to drain all the malarial parasites. A life was saved. An alert pathologist became a savior for the whole family. That is what Suburban Diagnostics brings to the table¦every time.

As doctors we don’t make assumptions, but informed decisions. As much as we base our diagnosis on our knowledge and experience, we equally value the reports from
our diagnostic lab partner.

Things aren’t as black and white as it was earlier. Then, a doctor’s diagnostic prowess was enough to treat the patient. Today, with the spectrum of illness having become immensely diverse and complicated, the presence of a good lab makes a colossal difference.

To ensure great post-natal care of the new-born, when they are most vulnerable, the assurance of a quality lab partner is a real motivator. You want someone who is convenient, always on their feet, at your beck and call, and raring to do whatever it takes.

Like before, there would be times when the tide is rough. Each passing minute is crucial while dealing with a newborn. But I also know, with all our passion and trust in each
other, we will turn the tide in our favor. Yet again.

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