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Corporate Health Check Ups for Jet Airways

  • Saroj-Datta

At 30,000 feet in the sky, the stakes are indeed always high.

– Saroj Datta, Former Executive Director of Jet Airways

When in December 1991 the Indian Government liberalized the domestic civil aviation industry and allowed private entities to set up domestic airlines, several entrepreneurs decided to enter the scenario.

Jet Airways started operations in 1993, as one of the new privately owned airlines that emerged in the Indian skies under the new ‘Open Skies Policy’.

Right from the start, however, the Jet Airways management acknowledged few basic principles. We had to pursue safety of the passengers on board and in the airports. This was more important than the luxury and degree of comfort provided in-flight and on ground.

There was no room for any technical or human error. Ensuring safety of those traveling with the airline was of greater importance above everything else.

We also recognized that, for these fundamental objectives to be met, not only the cockpit & cabin crew had to be fit and meet the regulatory standards, but the ground staff too need
to be equally taken care of.

From the beginning, our medical team and advisors, wanted a reliable health check partner. Suburban Diagnostics and its facilities suited us. We were very much alike. New, driven by self-belief and resilience.

Our world is based upon the degree of trust we put in each other. The people who fly with us, nowadays both within India and on international sectors, trust us with their lives.

We in turn put our faith in Suburban Diagnostics. We have no reason to believe that this is in any way misplaced. With such real, long-term relations and understanding we have gone places. Both literally and figuratively.

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