Annual Health Check Ups

Annual checkups for employees can help curb absenteeism and improve productivity. Many companies run extensive annual health checkups to ensure their workforce is healthy. It also promotes a positive force in the office and ensures a pleasant work environment. This in turn helps you retain valuable employees and protect your bottom line.

Detecting disorders through annual check up tests can also be cost-effective in the long run. Preventative measures tend to be cheaper than expensive medical procedures. Some insurance companies also insist upon regular health check-ups for coverage. It makes sense for companies to conduct regular check ups for their employees to keep their policy charges under control.

At Suburban Diagnostics we have tailor made annual health check-ups for companies coupled with a complete lifestyle modification to ensure a holistic solution.

Organ Systems Investigations
Blood Complete Haemogram, ESR
Heart Lipid Profile, Apolipoprotein A1 / B, Lp (a), Homocysteine, High Sensitive CRP, ECG, TMT, 2D ECHO, BMI (Body Mass Index)
Lungs X-Ray Chest
Kidneys & Bladder Urine Routine, BUN, Creatinine, Total Proteins, Uric acid, Calcium, Phosphorus, Electrolytes
Stomach, Intestines & Rectum USG Abdomen, Stool Routine (for ova, cyst and occult blood)
Liver & Gall Bladder USG Abdomen, Bilirubin, SGOT, SGPT, GGT, Alkaline Phosphatase, T. Proteins / Albumin
Pancreas Blood Sugar-F / PP, Insulin-F/PP
Hormonal Free T3, Free T4, TSH, Blood Sugar
Bone/Joints Calcium, Phosphorus, Alkaline Phosphatase, Uric Acid
Prostate PSA (Prostate Specific Antigen) For males above 50 years
Cervix PAP smear
Eye Ophthalmology Examination
Obesity Body Mass Index (BMI), Blood Sugar-F / PP, Insulin-F / PP, Thyroid Tests and Routine screening tests

Suburban Diagnostics provides tailor-made employee wellness programs with annual check up checklists. Our check-ups come coupled with lifestyle modifications that provide a holistic solution. This can help your employees avoid illnesses resulting from self-destructive tendencies like smoking and drinking and lead to healthier lifestyle choices.

With regular check-ups, the chances of losing valuable employees to unforeseen illnesses are greatly reduced. This bodes well not just for your employees but also for your company. Remember, a healthy and happy workforce can do wonders for your bottom line and keep your company moving forward through the ranks.